Name: acanthopyge sp (probably a new species)

Location: Middle devonian Marakib Morocco

Reference: ACT1

Description: This acanthopyge sames to be lucky, it has escaped from a strong predator of trilobites, some of pleural spines was cut. In left side, the pleural spines (2 to 4) that was cut, started to grow up again, in the right side also we can see the same phenomenon, others was cut later, the trilobite die, they neve grew up (ex: 10th and 11th in the left side).

we expect it be a new species of acanthopyge, genal spines are too separated from the pleural spines. the pygidial spines are more long than normal, and has more tubercles. This one has a big proportion "lenth/wide" more than this proportion in the normal ones.

trilobite & Matrix

Up view

 Side view



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