Trilobites that you can find here are not ordinary species, they are the first quality of trilobites that you can ever find. If you are interested in some specimens don't hesitate to reserve it, it's hard to find the same quality of prepartion, it's you're opportunity.

from time to time there are also:

-rare trilobites.

-new trilobites.

-trilobites with abnormalities.

    In this website you can reserve, sell our order trilobites, moreover you can send or give us your specimens that need a special preparation the price depends on the kind and number of trilobites.

  If you are one of our costumers, and you need some detailed information about a trilobite from Morocco that you have in your collection or you have just sold from somewhere, we can let you know any informations about it, this service is forofree.

 Are you fascinated by trilobites? try to visit the trilobite quarries in Morocco, we will guide you to the right quarry and the exact layer where you can digg and find some special spieces: like rare or new trilobites.

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