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Name: Konesprusia

Location: Devonian Oufaten Morocco

Reference: KP1

Description:   A super new elegant koneprusia, with the best possible  preparation in trilobites! spines and seconday spines are completly preserved, they are 100% natural. the body is more large than normal, the hypostome is clearly visible and highly released from the limestone, it makes this spieces wonderfull.

It's a unique specimen of its kind, such as this trilobite is very rare.

Name: Konesprusia

Location: Devonian Jbel Gara zguilma level 1 Morocco

Reference: KP2

Description:   This is a rare trilobite! it's very hard to find nice quality in such as this species! It has also an abnormality: the prolibrigenal spine is ill, you can see that is too short. The preparation is fantastic, the microscopic secondary spines and tubercles are preserved. the hypostome is released from the matrix surrounding the pregabella.